Thoughts on McCormack DNA .5 vs Moon I-3 340i

In march I'll be adding a separate amp to my HT setup, and while I realize the whole design is essentially a compromise, I want to make the best possible compromise.

My HT receiver is the marantz sr6006, and my priority is 2 channel sound.

I've been asked why not a 2 ch integrated instead and my only answer is I wouldn't know how to connect my various devices to hdmi and sound (ps3, Xbox, apple tv). Maybe I've overlooked something in the assumption I needed the receiver to begin with.

For now I'm assuming I still need it though, and that I'd benefit from separate amplification.

Was thinking per-outs to a DNA .5, but this weekend saw a sim audio I-3 (or I guess the new model is 340i) that has some sort of ht bypass. Sounded good at the dealer, but I don't at all yet understand how it gets hooked up.

And, I'd be interested in thoughts on which arrangement would sound better.

Please go easy on me, I'm an admitted amateur but all ears for input.