thoughts on MBL amps: 8011 vs 9007's

I have a pair of MBL 111e's being powered by the smaller 8011 monoblock amps; all I could afford at that time. I like my MBL's; but was wondering if my amps are enough to bring out all the music from the 111es. I know people are polorized on the MBL brand; but I'd like some opinions on whether there would be enough improvement in musicality and base response; and flow of the music by moving up in the amplifer line to justify the huge increase in price. Or would a different brand of a high current, solid state amp do the trick for me for less money. I also know some folks here are running MBL 101e's with Lamm tube amps; but I'm not sure i'm ready to switch from ss to tubes; and the hastle factor..thoughts on reasonable upgrade path would be appreciated...economy is making the upgrade bug more of a luxury; but the bug is tickling..thanks for helpful replys.
Setup: MBL 111'es main; Meridian 861 processor; aerial cc5 center; Parasound A-51 multi amp, velodyne dd15 sub; Meridian G-98 source; and Qsonix music server; with MIT Maxum M=2 cables. Large; open room; high cathedral ceilings; wood floors;
Are you using any kind of room treatments, acoustics etc? How long have you lived the 8011? Do you feel you are lacking something, like headroom?

What type of music are you listening to?

I have not heard the MBL 111es, I have the AndraIII's and I am running McIntosh MC1.2KW's, over kill in power for my room and speakers, I was considering the 8011's- so your question struck interest in me.
Do you feel that you don't have the power or current reserve to play at levels you enjoy to get that life like sound?

Or do you feel something else is missing?

Thanks for your thoughts
Dear Vx:

I enjoy the detail and accuracy of the 8011's; but don't feel that I'm getting all the base umph that my speakers are claimed to deliver. I'm thinking I need another dedicated power plug; I may be crimping on the power getting into the amps; no; I don't have any room treatments.. My 8011's do deliver very high power peaks in bursts; when needed. I have them powered on 24/7 for one and half years now; and have had no problems...I enjoy an ecelctic blend of music; female vocals; jazz; oldies; classical; my speakers do sound a bit better when played louder than soft.
I do recommend the 8011's; just not sure they are delivering all the power I need for the 111's; hence my post; was hoping some other MBL or high power solid state amp people might offer an opinion...
How do you like your amps, why are you considering a change; maybe we should trade?
Hi Mribob,

You certainly have great speakers. You need to supply those bad boys with lots of current to make them shine. I have the MBL 9008A, and I thought it was definitely a worth while upgrade from the 8011 and even the 9007. I think you would be making a major improvement to your overall setup, especially in such a large room. I think you should stick with MBL so you get that Synergistic effect between your speakers and Amp. I would also look towards your meridian preamp as a possible upgrade area as well. I love Meridian for surround sound, but not so much for 2 channel. For what it's worth, here is a link about that topic:

Dear Rich;
Thanks for your comments and observations; I found the avsforum thread very helpful...I do however use my Meridian 861 for both HT and two/three channel music; I have a Sony 5000es blue ray player; and use the BD to decode the new HD format with internal processing; and run analog out into Meridian; the Meridian is very musical with my Qsonix music server; a big step up from the G-98.
What speakers are you using for your MBL9008a's; and how do you have your wall power/conditioners and power cords set up? Any thoughts on my biwire speaker cables from my amp? How do you think the new Bryston 28b mono blocks would compare to the 9007's?
I'm thinking I first need to run another dedicated 20amp power line into the wall just to power the amps; I am at time running all my gear from 1 20amp plug; with just a few componenents on a non dedicated 15amp line...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts; I find the Gon members very useful source of info to help me make appropriate decisions for my upgrade bugs...
Hey Mribob,

I'm using a pair of Kharma Mini Exquisites, MBL 9008A Amp, MBL 6010D Preamp, MBL 1611F DAC with Kubala-Sosna Emotion Speaker Cables and Interconnects throughout. I don't have power conditioning yet, as I will be redoing my place shortly and I plan on getting dedicated lines first and then getting power condioning later. I'm getting some decent results with Zu Audio Bok power cables at the present time.

I haven't listened to those big Brystons that you're talking about, however I never heard a Bryston that I didn't like. If I were you, I would seriously listen to the MBL 9007 with your speakers. I just don't think that the Bryston, will be able to match the synergy that you will get with your MBL speakers. Let's face it they were both designed by MBL to go together.

I wouldn't spend money upgrading your cables just yet, until you select an AMP, this way you could gear your choices towards system matching. Your MIT cables are fine for now, as well as being fairly neutral. I would rather see you put your money into your AMP, future Preamp perhaps, then into Cables, and then power conditioning. I would do the dedicated outlets though, since this will benefit whichever amp that you select.

I could only compare the MBL 9007 to the MBL 8011. The 9007's are going to sound quieter, more relaxed, and effortless, with a deeper, taller, and wider soundstage. The 9007's is a very "fast and dynamic" Amp, the bass will be tighter and deeper than the 8011's, and the midrange will be more organic and real. The treble will be smoother and not etched in any way. The harmonics are great for solid state gear. The overall presentation from top to bottom, is smooth, liquid, and whole, as has been stated many times before.

Where do you live?

Hi Mribob, another 20 amp outlet never hurts, but if you add one see if it can be installed as a dedicated with its own external ground. I have (3) dedicated 20 amp outlets. But I have never blown a fuse.

When we are enjoying all the glory of a Blu-Ray and True DD-HD sound we run the pair of MC1.2KW and a pair JL Audio F-113 subs into 2 of the dedicated circuits with no loss of power, clipping or fuses being blown.

For two channel I send each MC1.2KW to its own outlets and my C220 and SACD player to the other. Your 8011 extreme high peak pulse power up to 1.100 W (MONO) were as the 9007 draws 1.900- much higher.

I would agree Richlane above about both statements, 1st being preamp, you should check out the MBL 5011 it also has HT pass through and would be a major improvement over all check out this review:

there is a demoed one on A-gon for 5K. The 2nd review is from the same guy on your amps the 8011, he raves about how great it is but for the ultimate performance he recommends the 9007. Those are here on A-gon for 17K

I think before you even rush out and buy new amps you'd be surprised at what room treatments can do for your whole system, room and ears. They where a must for me once I started with them, I played around for months reading about room treatments, sound roofing, live rooms etc.
One you get the room dialed in then move on to your next quest- unless you feel that your ears are pleased with the acoustics.
Good luck,

I also think you would get more bang for your buck to put your money into an Analog Preamp such as the Noble MBL 5011 mentioned above, or even the Reference MBL 6010D, depending on your budget of course, before buying different Amps. Either one would match really well with your MBL 8011 Amps. Both of these preamps have a pass through for your Meridian Processor.

I know this thread is a few years old, but there is precious little info on this subject, & I am soon to be in the same boat. MRIBOB are you still running the 8011's?
No, switched to pair bryston 28sst's, never looked back. Great amps, got the mbl's to sing much better, less $$$$$. I recently switched my rig though, dropped all the Meridian gear and Mbl's, switched to Venture speakers, VAC pre, Ayon cd5s, but kept the Bryston's. Good luck, the Mbl speakers are still special, always enjoyed them.
first, glad you found the sonic taste to your liking with Venture line, but I'm sadden that you drop the ball on MBL 111e. I don't think you have set it to it potentual. To me, there is no cone driver can do what MBL can. The musics just flows effortless and the sound, sound alive & real. Isn't that we all looking for in a system?

Secondly, I do agreed with others recommendation, upgrade pre, amps, cablings and MOST IMPORTANT, room treatment. Your room is 50% important and the other 50% is your system. The treatment define your bass and help the mid & high more clearer. It make the whole presentation more detail and transparent. Its like getting your window wash & clean. I didn't believe it at first, but it make a believer of me. Another thing, I would stick to one company with my gears and that will take the system match out of the equation.

Now, I'm no Bill Gate son (Btw, he has not just one but two MBL 101 Extreme Reference systems, LUCK DOG! correct me if I'm wrong) I have my share of saving & more saving & lusting for MBL gears & more, more, more saving for a loooooong time to get where I'm today with all MBL gears, thanks to Audiogon. I know they are expensive but I don't regret it at all. To me, the MBL is the EXOTIC line of audio gears and as Lamborgini in Automobile. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts & opinions with you. LIVE HAPPY & GOOD LISTENING!