Thoughts on Legacy Focus SE vs Kef R7 or 11 vs Revel F208 or 228Be

I would greatly appreciate some input please on the above mentioned speakers. My baseline is the Legacy Focus SE which I’ve listened to quite a bit and would like to know how they compare with the KEF R7 or R11, and the Revel F208 or 228Be. The KEFs and Revels both seem to get glowing reviews, but I don’t have the ability at the moment to audition them. I’m looking for a reasonably wide sweet spot and a sound stage with clear imaging, all other things being equal. Any thoughts on how the R7/R11s compare, and the same for the Revels? I’ve been reading reviews till I’m cross-eyed. I’ll be using a Parasound A21+ to run these so I think I’ve got sufficient power, thanks!
Both the Revels and Kefs have very wide dispersion and great imaging. 
I can only speak to the revels and kefs as I have never heard the Legacy speakers.
The Revel 228be is very good technically. It is not far off in sound from the ultima line. Honestly if you never heard them compared could argue they sound the same if that makes sense. I find the brand to not be very engaging myself but can’t really fault the speaker on a technical level. But I could happily own them as their fault less sound would be easy to work with. However I would guess (again never heard the legacy) your legacy have stronger bass and are more interesting.
The only Kef I have heard is the Reference 3. They are not for me. They just lacked dynamics. They had strong bass but seem to rely heavily on the port tuning. Kind of had a one note feel to the bass. I know people love them and will disagree... I thought they sounded good on modern pop music but not much else. A hard pass for me. I demoed them twice with my own music for about an hour each time.
Appreciate the input, thank you.  Since I posted the question I had a chance to audition the Kef R7, BW 604d and Paradigm Persona 3F.  Liked the 3f the best, felt the most engaging. Came across some reviews of the Focal Kanto 2 and it seems to get praise for being a lively and dynamic sound, apparently more so than the 228Be which had been my first choice.  Hoping to find a Kanto to audition, but not very common.
Of the brands you mention I’ve heard B&W 804, Paradigm 3f and Revel 226be. I liked the Revels best of those, nice dispersion, very smooth coherent speaker that disappears. You might like a different sound.
djones51, thanks.  When I demoed the 228s, their 226s were out on loan so didn't get a chance to hear them.  Several reviews have commented that the 226s might not have quite enough bass for some people.  Do you recall your impression in that regard?