Thoughts on Gustard X26 Pro

I would appreciate any feedback on the Gustard X26 Pro DAC!

Thanks in advance!


YouTube X26 pro reviews. There are several, …here is just one sampler

This review of the R26 model as a further upgrade is interesting






I liked the Gustard R26 better than any delta sigmas for almost all the music to which I listen.  I just change from fast to slow depending on the type of music the track represents (ie more acoustical=slow vs heavy metal or electronica=fast)

If you can, a/b the r26 and x26. I can’t see you being let down by either.

(Gustard seems to make a very good dac line without breaking the bank)

I compared the X26 to the Pontus II.  I spent two months trying to decide between them.  Finally I choose to keep the X26 because it had a more open, detailed, and spacious sound but the differences were small.

I now use the R26 which I think is quite a bit better than the X26 or the Pontus II.  If you want an x26 I'll be happy to sell you mine at a good price.