thoughts on frank zappa

the thought for this thread started from a response that jeffloistarca gave & he is correct,most people think fz was a drug crazed nut & his music is for stoners,this was farthest from the truth,the thing fish is without a doubt a masterpiece,the line up of his band was always of the best of the best,it seems that frank has 2 different reputations,in the states he is a nut for the most part but in europe he is put beside the likes of motzart & bach,i find it odd that a man who could write a symphony on a whim could be classed with the likes of alice cooper,i just wanted to hear others thoughts on frank,by the way anybody checked out
ZAPPAS UNIVERSE on dvd,a must see for all zappa fans.
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"Average" IQ is 100, people like Einstein and such are around 170-180, there is no way in the world that Zappa had an IQ of 240. 140, maybe - and 140 ain't too shabby...

Old Frank may have been "clean and sober" but forgot to mention this until twenty years later.
Who makes an album called "Freak Out", in the midst of Timothy Leary and the drug culture, for an audience who is "clean and sober"?
Conspiracy theorist could argue that the whole Ivy Leauge "Free Speech", "Free Love" movements were a ploy to distract the masses at the critical time they should have been planning for the future. There really isn't much room at the top, is there?
My neighborhood lost about a dozen kids (i.e. dead) from "doing what feels good" and "doing their own thing".
I bought into the myth as well but survived somewhat intact (but will probably be eating dogfood if I ever retire).
Yes Frank was a good guy and I don't blame him for my mistakes. Just don't hold him up as a champion of "clean and sober".
Dweller, your assertion is ridiculous. There is nothing in "Freak Out" that promotes substance abuse. The message was individualism and he promoted thinking for oneself and rejecting gurus, trends and fake American "culture." Zappa didn't miss an opportunity to criticize drug abuse. "We're only in it for the money" is full of anti-drug sentiment. He was indeed a champion of "clean and sober" with the exception of his substance abuses of nicotine and caffeine.
"Who could Imagine"...
You do know what "freak out" means, don't you...
It seems I'm having a hard time getting through the moderators. I see all kinds of profanity on this forum, and yet when I include some "tasteful relevant profanity" (LOL) it gets my post rejected. Here goes again:

Another correction: Zappa didn't graduate from "Juilard" or Juilliard or any other music school. He barely passed high school and they ending up passing him with less than the required number of credits just to get rid of him. And before anybody restates the following ridiculous rumor, he didn't eat feces on stage either. Where do people get these ideas?