Thoughts on Emotiva

Looking for a CD Player. Has anyone delt with the Emotiva ERC 2? Have they been around awhile? How was the sound. Dependable? Thanks in advance!
Stereophile favorably reviewed the Emotiva ERC 2 two years ago. There is also a separate topic on the Emotiva discussion boards on these players.

I have owned both the ERC2 and ERC3. They are well built, substantial CD players (28 pounds). The ERC 2 is a slot loader and the ERC 3 uses a conventional tray mechanism.

The sound is detailed, musical, and a touch on the warm side of neutral. I have used both players in secondary systems, one tube and one solid state, and these players both fared very well. Temperature wise, the players run a little hot, so they need some space around them to breathe.

In terms of value, the players perform above what you would expect from a $400 player. They get a lot of things right, the sound is very engaging, I never found myself getting fatigued listening to them.

As a disclaimer, I will be putting some of my extra equipment up for sale in the coming months and the two Emotivas will most likely go up for sale. Not a knock, but I am at 9 CD players right now and given my age (57), I will be long gone before I wear out my stock of players.

Everything I've read about the Emotiva players indicates they are a very good value. And I believe the same could be said for the Oppo BDP-103 except that it can playback many more formats: Bluray, DVD, HDCD, CD, and quite a few streaming services.

Why not give them both a try? They both allow for 30 days in-home trial. Order both and see which you prefer in your system....

They compete with dacs/players 100x the price?