Thoughts on current EL-34 tubes

I have just put my Jolida JD-1000P back into my system, and when I initially fired it up one of the tubes was obviously bad giving a good light show. I found this kind of strange as the amp has been sitting idle with no power to it for about six months now and the tubes Winged C Svetlanas were working fine when I took it out of the system. I replaced the winged C with another Svetlana for now and ordered up 8 matched Tungsol re-issues as I have heard that these tubes are some of the better of the re-issue tubes out now, what are everyones thoughts on current re-issue EL-34 tube available now.
Interestingly enough, going with NOS power tubes is almost like having mods done on a unit. The cost for a quartet of NOS Mullards can be a 1/3 to a 1/2 of the cost of the amp and it is debatable if the effect on the sound is worth that much. Power tubes do not last a lifetime ... preamp tubes maybe, but I have had NOS preamp tubes crap out after a few years.

I also have 2 quads of EH 6CA7 tubes in my JWN amplifier, and they sound very good. No problems so far. Bought them based on Jim McShane's recommendation. He says they are a close second to the Gold Lion KT-77's, and much cheaper.
I second the (reissue) Genelex KT-77s. Mine replaced "Holy Grail" Mullard xf1 EL34s (I also have xf2 and xf4 Mullards) as driver tubes in a pair of 845 SET monoblocks. Surprised the hell out of me. I've also tried JJ KT-77s but they're not up to the standard of the Genelex, IMO.
Looks like I'll be ordering a set of the EH tubes as well. I agree with Rich here too, there is no way I am going to spend that kind of money on power tubes, they do not last a life time at all. Maybe if I had a mega buck system I would consider it but I don't and I won't. I have spent some coin on the driver tubes, they will last much longer than the power tubes, I am currently using Telefunken NOS 12ax7s there and real happy with the results. Sounds like the genelex KT-77 have a good following too.
There is a guy on eBay (bnsanborn), that sell tubes. I bought a quad set of Seimen EL34's for $190 about a year ago. They are much better than my Winged (C)'s. I just bought a back up quad set from him eventho I have 3 quad sets of the SED,s. Great tubes!