Thoughts on Coincident Triumph Extreme II?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to audition (or owns) the Coincident Triumph Extreme II bookshelf speakers.  I'm toying with the idea of higher efficiency bookshelf speakers, and I've been impressed by the one Coincident speaker that I've heard (a tower speaker).  There are some reviews on the older models of the Triumph, but the new one has a new mid/woofer, so presumably the older reviews are not particularly useful (although the tweeter is the same).  Claimed to be 94db w/ a flat 8ohm impedance, which certainly opens up a lot more choice for amplification.

Would welcome any comments or opinions.

Thanks, Scott
Hello Scott,
email Brownsfan who's a well respected audiogon member with excellent taste (IMO) and listening experience. He owns these speakers and I believe he could provide you with valuable insight.
I assume Brownsfan has better taste in audio than in football?  LOL :)
Yes, Brownsfan has suffered through many football seasons, but he is ever faithful, a real fan...his taste in audio is impeccable, stellar.

Didn't you buy some of the Western Electric WE16ga speaker wire? If yes, how is working out for you? Best, Rob

Well, maybe they can finally find a QB in this year's draft.  I never did try the WE wire, although I wanted to.  I purchased some, but it ended up being one cable rather than a pair.  Never bothered to track down more to try it out.  Besides, I like JW Audio speaker cables, at an outrageous 10 bucks a foot.