Thoughts on Clear Day vs Grover Huffman SC's?

Hi all,

I'm hoping to receive some input on the pros and cons of these two speaker cables. From online reviews I understand that both are high regarded. Since I live in Europe, unfortunately I don't have the luxury to buy and try both.

Thanks in advance for any input!
I have auditioned a lot of speaker cables, including Gabriel Gold, Crimson Music Links, WyWires, Gregg Straley Reality Cables. Almost all were substantially more expensive than Clear Day Cables. None of them compete with the sound quality of the Double Shotgun version of Clear Day Cables. Clear Day have the best quality and quantity of bass of any speaker cable I have owned or demo'd. They do this while offering a really open, expansive top end and mid-range. They have excellent dynamics but are not fatiguing. They are a real "diamond in the rough" considering their very reasonable price. And Paul Laudati, the owner of Clear Day, is a great guy, offering extended trials and a real no hassle attitude. (Now I have not heard Grover Huffman speaker cables...I steered away from them because a number of folks who demo'd or owned them implied they are lean-sounding. I am sure you could demo both and decide what you prefer.)
I concur with what Mcondon wrote. The Clear Day Double Shotguns with jumpers are the best sounding speaker wires I have heard, and are a great bargain. I have stated this opinion many times on these boards, so I am beginning to sound like a shill, but I truly believe that these cables are the best kept secret in high end audio cables.
I just got a pair of shotguns on demo today. As soon as I put them in my system I couldn't believe how smooth sounding they are. I'm currently using Acoustic Zen Satoris and I can tell you these sound better and that Satoris cost twice as much. I'm getting a pair of Crimsons next week so I'm curious how that will turn out. Paul is by far the nicest guy I have ever talked to in the audio world. If more people were like Paul I believe the audio business would be doing much better than it is.
Bumping this thread to see if anyone has direct experience between the Grover ZX and the Clear Day Double Shotgun. I have narrowed it down between these two.

Currently running TG Audio Silvers SC.
System is Decware tube amp to Ellis 1801 or Reference 3A speakers.

I am open to trying both but wanted to see if anyone had first hand experience.
I have GH interconnects and they are very well made, don't seem to add or take away anything from the sound. I really like my Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables, but if I was in the market for cables and had to pick between only GH and some other maker, I vote GH every time.
Newbie, I have Grover's cables in my system as my reference and yes while I agree with Mcondon BUT only to the point that Grover's cables were a bit lean ONLY DURING THIER INITIAL BREAK IN (maybe the 1st 100 hrs)but I have Apogee Slant 6s that I listen thru and they are a s full bodied and NETURAL as can be and at this price point I consider them a world beater bargin in high end. Sure there is more expensive but why pay more when the return is small or marginal improvements?
I've had both these so can comment:

Clear Day - very neutral, detailed, smoothed at frequency extremes,

Grover - lively, detailed, rythmic, dynamic, natural.

Both very easy to use. If you want refined and neutral, go with the Clear Day, if you want lively and vivd, go with Grover.

One warning, break-in on the Grovers is *brutal* - you have to be patient.

I believe they both offer Money Back Guarantees.
I can chime in a little about GH's only, but sorry: not the speaker cables yet. I just purchased one pair of his I/C's however and finished about 150 hours on them...they sound fantastic. This one (1.5M) pair added such an open, natural, free-flowing energy to my system I was truly astonished. It's my first try with his cables and I'm considering his digital cable next (transport to Dac via S/PDIF)and very possibly his speaker cables as well. I will not disclose the brand I have swapped out because they are a LOT more $$$ and I don't like doing that but...if the GH digital is as good as his I/C I'm sure I'll be trying his speaker cables as well...with high expectations. Quite profound!
Recently bough Clear Day double shotgun speaker cable. Sorry, am unable to give you the direct comparison you are looking for but will say, in my system, the Clear Days were transformative.