Thoughts on Cary CD 303

I am considering a cary cd 303. Any feedback regarding its sonic qualities would be greatly appreciated. I listen to all types of music.
I have had a 303 and an SLI-80 Signature in my "office" system for about a week. They are replacing a Classe CAP150 and Meridian 508-24. The speakers are B&W 805N. The SLI-80 beats the Classe hands down for me. The 303 and Meridian each have their strong points. I find the Cary to be better for Classical and light rock. The Meridian has a deeper base. They are both excellent all around players. I am still switching back and forth and finding only minor differences, which I think says a lot for Cary. I work at a desk only 6ft. from the speakers, so listening fatigue is important to me.
The Cary set up has an edge for long sessions. Hope this helps somewhat.
I've had my 303 about 2 replaced an Arcam Alpha 9 in my system. Detailed without fatigue, lovely mids, and in my system, very good bass. I play mainly classical, a bit of jazz, R&B & folk, but also rock...Beatles, Gabriel, Steely Dan, Stones, Talking Heads, REM, Who, Clash, Paula Cole..I dunno - is this stuff lite rock??? Some classical/jazz recordings are freaky realistic for player this price. Very natural timbres and big soundstage (width & depth) plus it handles complex musical passages in large scale classical very well. Built like a tank. My system: Alon V MkII speakers, Rogue 66 Preamp, Meitner MTR101 MkII monoblocks, SPM ICs, Coincident tri-wire speaker cable. Got interested in the Cary due to a friend's raving about it. Very happy so far. Upscale Audio was running a special on this player recently.