Thoughts on Cabledyne SC & IC

Impressions and thoughts on Cabledyne SC & IC. I am going to try silver cabling in my set up and would appreciate any feedback from current and pervious owners of Cabledyne products. I know with cables, they might sound good in one system and not so good in another, so auditioning is a must. I demoed the Analysis plus silver IC which, I thought was very good and liked what silver added to my set up but, did not think is was $675.00 better than my current DNM IC. I came across Cabledyne searching around the internet. I contacted them and they advised on what would work best in my set up. There products seem well made and reasonably priced compared to the name brands. I listen to mostly jazz, blues & rock. Just looking for some feedback. Thanks Brian

Plinius 9200 integrated
Bryston Dac 2
Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers on 3 post sound anchor stands
Wadia 171 transport for ipod classic
I own the silver IC, silver speaker cables, and silver power cords. They are a very impressive build for the money. Sonically they are neutral (no edge or brightness) and seem to capture fine musical detail. In summary, the cables get out of the way of the music.

I also own Cardas Neutral Reference cables which sound muddy in comparison. Also own a suite of Acoustic Zen cables which sound a little flat compared to the Cabledynes.

My gear is a mix of SS and tubes. Speakers are TAD. I listen to Jazz and Classical.