Thoughts on B&K Reference 7270 Series II - 7 channel Amplifier

I'm looking for a used powerful 7 channel Amp and thought on B&K Reference 7270 Series II.

B&K 7270 Reference II Specs
Continuous Power Output
200 watts RMS x 7 @ 8ohm
375 watts RMS x 7 @ 4ohm
Amperage: 75
Damping Factor @ 50hz: 450
IM Distortion: 0.09%
THD Rating: 14v/
S/N Ratio (Average Weighted): 95Db
Made in USA

Original price in 2001 = $3,298

Quick questions:

1-How much is the Amp worth it today and considered as a good deal?

2-In other words what would YOU pay for a fully functioning B&K Reference 7270 today?

b&k made good gear (i still use their monblocks), but they're out of business, which devalues it--personally i wouldn't pay more than a grand
A 7270, maybe $650.00 to $700.00, the newer 200.7, maybe 800.00 to $900.00.  Both are rock solid amps, built in USA, and powerful.  If ATI still owns them, they will service/repair them.

bill, i actually contacted ati for service on my b&k--i was told ati actually bought out b&k's inventory upon their folding, and that it was something of a chaotic mess. they didn't have a lot of parts and weren't able to help me. i have found b&k to be durable and reliable in general but, again, i wouldn't overpay.
I did not know that.  I mean I knew ATI bought them and their inventory but was not aware of the troubles.  My experience with B&K has been the same as yours, durable and reliable.  Too bad about the parts scarcity.