thoughts on Audion Elite 845

anyone with working knowledge on this amp please give me your take.just ordered one without hearing.thks
My thought is that some of the amps which interest you have a 30 day
in-home trial period. I hope you have a similar privilege for the Audion
amp so you don't have lingering questions after you've completed the
purchase of this unheard component.

$11,000 amps bought sight unseen and unheard.
$10,000 speakers bought sight unseen and unheard.

There is definitely a whole 'nother level of financial existence that I've yet to scratch.
Ah! I had the privelege of listening to the Audion 845 amp in my home setup. Previously, I had the Mark levinson 431, the cary audio tupe amp (not sure which model) and Jeff rowlands. But my final decision was the Audion 300B Golden dream. The 845 is a great amp with fast response and deep bass. If you listen to large bands, rock, pop and electronica music...this is the best choice. But if you like small Jazz banda and vocals then the Golden dream 300B.

FYI...the 845 was far superior than the cary and ML.
555,i have just got the amp in the mail and after a few listens,i am thinkin' they are a good match with the Zu Defs.i have some room treatment to do,but i am finding out what SET is all about.really neat stuff,big smiles so far.