Thoughts on ARC SP16 preamp

I am seriously considering purchasing this unit new with the optional phono stage to mate with my ARC 150.2 amp. I've read positive reviews, it's in my price range and the company's reputation is solid as a rock. Have any of you folks had a chance to hear this unit? Thanks in advance.
Love It! Using it with an ARC 100.2, which preceeded your unit. I'm all in favor of synergistic relations among electronics so pairing amp and pre from the same company makes good sense to me. You will be very happy if you decide to go with the SP16.
I own the SP16 and I am pleased it is great unit that combines a very nice phono section, remote control and lots of inputs etc. The unit sounds great very clean detailed. My only issue is the spacing of low level volume is a bit of a jump. for example 2 is too low and 3 is too high. But that is very minor and not an issue elsewhere in the listening range. I own several ARC pieces and they are very reliable and the companie is amoung the best out there.Let me know if you have any other questions. You may want to also consider the CJ Premier 14