Thoughts on Anthem MRX 1120 for 2ch

Anyone tested the Anthem MRX 1120 for 2 channel only?  I'm picking one up and might sell it in a week  or might keep it to replace my Emotiva / Parasound a21 setup.  

I mainly want better room correction and I'm not very impressed with miniDSP unless you spend $1k+ on their good stuff.  I don't like how you never actually know what the unit is doing or if it's even active/on unless you hook to your computer.  

Anyway, thoughts and opinions would be nice.
I like miniDSP, but I am a geek and set all my filter and EQ myself.

I've had Emotiva processors and I thought they were garbage, I'm going to be really interested to hear how you feel the Anthem compares, as I'm thinking of getting an MRX 720 to complement my 2 Ch integrated.
The MRX 720 is identical for 2ch from what I understand.  I'm not unhappy with the Emotiva.  

I would like to be more of a miniDSP geek but I also like to know what config I'm on, if the unit is active or not, etc. It's small stuff like that that annoys me for a $500 dsp unit when I could just get a new unit with something good built in.

My thought is that almost anything with good DSP will sound better than non-room correction separates costing 2x-10x more.

Basically, good room correction covers tons of sins and can make a $1000 unit sound like a $10000 system.

i've heard plenty of $10k systems that didn't sound good.

Can I ask, why an 1120? Anthem makes some really nice 2 Ch integrateds with room correction.
I'd say look at the Anthem STR integrated probably a better bet as its 2 channel optimised. 
If you’re able to keep it and sell it in a week if you don’t like it, just give it a shot and see what you think...

I’ve owned the MRX720 and currently own the AVM 60 with Monolith 7 amp. I have never found that the sound quality of the Anthem processors can compete with the Luxman 2 channel system I have.

I have done 2 channel room EQ with ARC (both the old program and the new ARC Genesis) and found for 2 channel, ARC-EQ’d music sounded pretty sterile and lifeless. However it did do a great job of cleaning up the bass/subwoofer.

Give it a shot, if you have nothing to lose... try limiting the EQ to 200Hz or below and compare it to running EQ across the whole system. Also try out running the L/R pre outs of the 1120 to the Parasound amps and see what you think.

BTW, if you have anything invested in a digital front end (DAC) you’re going to be re-digitizing everything in the Anthem, rendering any benefit you may feel your current DAC is giving you irrelevant.

EDIT to note, this is not to say Anthem Room Correction and the overall sound quality may not be vastly improved on the STR integrated or separates; my experience is strictly with the AVR/pre/pro lines.
The Anthem 1120 is very similar to the AVM60 i had owned and I thought it was very, very good on 2 channel. The AKM DAC modules are quite musical. Can you do better? For more money you can, but the Anthem stuff is very nice. 
I tried my miniDSP the other night and it made a considerable improvement in my system so I figure the ARC will probably do well.  I figure that this 1120 with ARC would be far better than any 2ch without correction.   

Also though, if I went with a higher end 2ch set up, I don't want to put my $10k preamp signal through a $500-$1200 miniDSP.  As good as miniDSP is, their circuitry negates buying a preamp over x $ amount.  Idk what that amount is but you get my drift.

Yes the STR is ideal but I didn't find a great deal on it yet.