Thoughts on Amperex PQ tubes

Curious to know if anyone has thoughts or advice on Amperex PQ Holland tubes?? I am looking to add these or something similar to my collection.
Excellent tubes. I have quite a few of these in my collection and have always thought highly of them. Of course, it really depends on the device/circuit they are used in. Try some and see.
I just put some Amperex/RCA ecc88 in my phono stage. My wife and I are extremely happy with the sound. There's more clarity between instruments and vocals, a little more forward presentation , increased soundstage, smooth and very musical (my wife said with certain songs, she just melts into the song). Find a reputable dealer, especially if you need a matched pair as I did.
Mofi...Many thanks for your reply..I did take the plunge and bought a Modwright SWL 9.0SE and had Dan upgrade the power supply...totally new dimension to my music. I am hoping that a few Amperex will make it just that better.
Mt10425..thanks for your reply as well and happy to know that your wife enjoys them too...not too many wives take the initiative to enjoy this great hobby and love for music.
Shakedown...great choice of preamps! I really liked my SWL9.0SE Signature, (I have since upgraded to the Modwright LS100). Unless Dan changed something, you can't use anything but a 5687 tube, (or variant) in this unit.

If you are talking about the Amperex 7119 Holland tube, that's my favorite tube in that unit and I tried MANY different ones. You'll absolutely love this tube.

Happy listening...
Holland Amperex made some of the best detail clean and imaging preamp tubes. I don't know about the 7119 personally other than that it is a very strongly recommended sub for the 5687. I have used their 6922 types and especially the 12AU7 sub the 7316. I would add some to my collection if I didn't have any.
The 7308 is an amazing tube and very hard to get. It is the top of the 6922/6DJ8. Usually the glass is etched.
Thank you so much for the 7316 recommendation a while back. I finally found 2 NOS pair and they are fabulous. I also have a nice small collection of Amperex 12au7 Bugle Boys and orange lettered amperex tubes for my preamp section of my Primaluna Dialoge 1. Both the 7316 and the Bugle Boys made an enormous upgrade in sound. Best...
Many thanks to all the responses...As I delve into the tube world it becomes apparent that music is just that much better and the folks in this forum are very sincere on their experiences. By luck I have been able to locate a matched pair and soon to be introduced to my system with delight.

Let their be music !!!!