Thoughts on A/V receivers

Has anyone a recommendation for a A/V receiver for one of my rooms. I am looking at the Yamaha rx-v2600, Pioneer Vsx-72txv, one of the new Integra or Marantz which doesn't have anything close to the Pioneer currently.
I really like the Rotel options and performance, they have a 5 channel unit that can be upgraded to 7 channel with an additional amp, or they have a 7 channel unit all in one, the speaker set up options are much better then alot of other units IMO.
In addition to those brands, you may be interested in the new Outlaw 1070 AV receiver at

You may also wish to consider the soon-to-be-released Emotiva LMC-1 pre-pro and LPA-1 6/7 channel amp at They are separates for the price of a receiver, and they look good so far in public beta testing.

The Outlaw has component and DVI video switching (will accept HDMI via an adapter). The Emotiva has component video but not DVI or HDMI. For me that is not important.

I will probably buy either the Outlaw or the Emotivas within a month or two.
Yeah, but maybe not exactly what you were asking for? For starters, I'd recommend that you make a list of the top 3 or 5 features that are most important to you (processing, connections, remote, etc.). Match that prioritized list w/ the receivers you find interesting and in your budget. If there's no clear winner, then you have a little more work to do. You can pick on price, perceived difference in sound, whatever, but with those choices you should find little difference (assuming you haven't already identified one and that's why you're asking here).

Yup, I didn't rant on about amp power or anything like that. We don't know what speakers you're driving, the size of the room, intended use or anything like that, but you do know all that stuff. It's probably going to get flamed as heresy, but power just isn't the end-all consideration for those receivers. They're all quality units and have decent power and if you really need to you can always add plenty of axternal amplification and use the receiver as a pre-pro, so power just isn't the absolute #1 thing here.

Get the receiver that matches what's most important to you ('cause it's gonna be yours, not ours), fits your budget, and then just enjoy the heck out of it.
The lower price point receivers are sonically lacking in terms of power out put, dynamics, 3dimmensionality, and realism.
I find receivers with much better current delivery for the money, are Outlaw, Denon, Harmon kardon.
Good luck
I agree with Mr hosehead and would like to add that bass management is the most useful feature my B&K has. Be aware of specs also. Denon power ratings are generally for 1 channel driven, not all channels (power drops significantly). I personally really enjoy the Marantz "house" sound. If money is not a concern, throw B&K into any mix.

I am with "Javachip" as well. I currently use a Harman/Kardon AVR-430 Audio/Video Receiver in my home theater system, but I am thinking about changing over to an Outlaw Model 1070 at the first of the year. You may want to consider the Outlaw, but you will probably want to consider the NAD T-763 as well. It may not have the latest in connectivity such as HDMI or DVI is concerned, but it excels in music and movie performance. And when it is all said and done, isn't this is what it's all about in the first place????

Pioneer Vsx-72txv would be the best choice for the money.
The Yamaha rx-v2600 will have HDMI upsampling which is a very nice feature. The sound quality of the Yamaha gear is also very good.
Well I think that the efficiancy of your speakers will help define what kind of receiver juice you need in order to get a good result. BY the way- what did you decide on the plasma/display choice and DVD player?
Leaning towards Panasonic on the Plasma and DVD player haven't really decided yet.
My home theater guy told me he just got the Yamaha rx-v2600 receiver in and it is awesome!
Have heard lots of good things about the Arcam AVR300.
well I just bought the pioneer vsx-72txv, but havnt hooked it up yet. I'll let you know how it works out for me once I get the HT installed in the next couple weeks.
I heard good things about the new Arcam model
"My home theater guy told me..." (johnmcfarland)

RUN FOR THE HILLS DUDE!...He's probably got like 30 of em en stock, and he's trying to unload em ASAP! Ya think?!
All kidding aside what speakers do you have?, how big is room, what budget are you leaning toward? Really, the bigger the receiver, the better you'll likely come out, all things considered. Receivers needs lots of help with current deliver and power. So things greatly depend....that and what speakers you have, and your room, etc...
The speakers used are Paradigm soon to be Monitor 7's, I already have mini monitors,ADP350's and CC-350. Also, will add ultra 10 cube Paradigm sub.
Most likely going to buy the Pioneer VSX-74-txvi.
I used to deal in Paradigm in the past. I would recommend the better sounding, higher current, Harmon Kardons (or even Outlaw/Denon)with those personally. Sound is everything for audio gear! Would you agree?
for what it's worth, i'm happy with my onkyo 702. it has all the watts you will ever need for the 5 surround channels. just use a seperate amp of your liking for your mains.
Yes, I would agree. Have you heard the Pioneer?
I've heard, sold, and installed the Pioneers. The flagship is ok, but not as good as the other competition on it's own, sonically. The entry level Pioneers?....I would pass personally. Again, better sonics on entry level HK's, Denon's, Outlaw, for the lower priced stuff. You're talking more body, weight, current delivery, and refinement on these over the Pioneer.
Have you heard the flagship receiver, I have owned Yamaha in the past. I am looking closely at the Pioneer and spoke with 1 of my dealers which also, carries BK, Denon but, also carries, other high end gear, such as, Bryston, McIntosh etc. Are you the comparing the Pioneer to the BK 505 or 507, HK7300 or other and Outlaw 1070? Also, when is the last time you dealt with Pioneer?
Here's the're talking to your dealer (with an agenda) about what you should get. Then you're asking our oppinion. So, who are you going to believe?
Do you need to get to the point where all the seeds planted in your head add up,make sense,or you finally listen to the person you like the best?
My suggestion is to try the one you're interested in the most, and if it doesn't work out, sell it, and buy something else! You'll then be like the other million or so audiophiles, who reallize you'll never know anything, till you try it yourself, in your system, in your room/setup, with your tastes!...that's my suggestion. Everyone ownes different gear!!! To each his own.
BTW, I sold a Pioneer receiver about 1 year ago, which is as long as its' been, honesly.
I like the B&K and Denon Flagships sonically over the Pioneer, personally....