Thoughts on 3 or 5 channel HT amp to drive Magnepan 1.7is and CCR speakers

I am upgrading my home theatre system (donating it to my son in law) and wanted to build a system around Magnepans

L/R 1.7s

Center CCR


I have a JL Audio Fathom F113 subwoofer


I have been told I will need significant power to drive the Maggies sufficiently.


any recommendations for a 3 or 5 channel amp, 5 channel HT SSP?




love to hear some personal experiences




I have the LRS’s and am using a Kinki EX-M1.  Maggies sound far better in the sweet spot, therefore Im not sure they work well in q home theater application.  Also, if you are just worried about 1 person sitting in the sweet spot, you don’t need a center channel.


I think Bryston would be a good match for magnepan.  I really want some 1.7i’s after living with the LRS’s for a few months.  I really love the maggie sound!  



I have been looking at the Parasound A31 and A51


I’ve read they have enough current to move the demanding Magnepan load

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I agree with a 2 channel amp for mains...I have used Odyssey, Pass, Bryston with great success

Have you owned any Magnepan loudspeakers? Looking at your system you'll need to move up to the 3.7s to match the center channel. 

You’ve left out a critical part of information.  How important is 2-channel performance?  That drives the whole recommendation. 

I have a totally separate all tube 2 channel system in another room

So I am not envisioning this for 2 channel playback

The HT system would incorporate an oppo 105 for blu ray / movie streaming and an Aurrender for music streaming. Some small bookshelf B&Ws in the back


this is for watching tv, concerts, streaming tidal


my current avr is the Arcam 350 - it sounds very warm

Yeah, that’s why I asked. You can try a D-Sonic M3a amp and get 400wpc 5 channels for $2400 and get an in-home trial. I considered them for my 2-channel system (pre GaN) and they get great reviews so I’d think would be optimal in your sitch. I know @yysantabarbara has used them in an audio system so he could give you better feedback. But again, for an HT system, I think it’s a no brainer, especially for an HT situation