Thoughts/experiences with VMPS

I've been pretty intrigued with ribbon drivers and have seen some good things about the results VMPS is getting with their implementation of that technology. I'm particularly interested in the new RM30, but any feedback from those who have heard this or other models would be appreciated. Also, how they compare to others you've heard/owned would be nice for reference. Thanks.
I believe the RM30 is the best performing speaker at anywhere near its price; and I've owned many great speakers.

My full review of the RM30 detailing my experience is available this month at

And yes, I did purchase the speakers after the review. I am keeping my Audio Physic Virgo IIs in another room as a second reference system.
I've been searching for a speaker that is better than my VMPS 626Rs (all upgrades except silver wire) for the past year. I have not yet found anything that is clearly better for less than $7000 (speakers were $3700 including custom stands). In that time I've auditioned well over 20 different brands of speakers. My search is not because I'm unhappy with the VMPS--far from it--more like upgrade-itis.
VMPS does an outstanding job of offering the best sound per dollar I know of. Of course there's many speakers I haven't heard but Brian's speakers per dollar are true bargains. Haven't heard the 30's but the 40's are a step above anything I've heard. Also if you like bass VMPS is noted for doing a great job in that department. Service has been perfect from Brian. I'm on my second set of VMPS speakers and my next set will probably be VMPS. At this point I'm only considering one other manufacturer but it's probably remote as I know I'd be happy with the 40's. You really can't go wrong.