Thoughts comparing Naim Uniti Core and Wyred4Sound MS server

May be interested in a combination server/hard drive/ripper and these two are within 20 percent of each other pricewise. Both are headless systems (meaning I’d have to attach a monitor and/or use an app on my iOS device) and I could get use a 2tb internal drive and an external hard drive for redundancy and over flow. Also, both omit a DAC which would work for me as I have a DAC I enjoy quite a bit. My son could use Spotify (which all his friends in HS use) and enjoy the system as well.

Who has thoughts on either or (preferably both) of these units? I’m familiar with the Cocktail Audio product at this price point and am not interested in getting that item, so no need on feedback on that. 
I might consider the Nativ Vita product since it seems simpler to use and other family members could get enjoyment from it. 

Thank you.
I can’t comment on your device choices, but I can comment on W4S in general. I have nothing but praise for W4S. They have great customer service, plus they stand behind their products, with much of their gear easily upgraded as technology changes.