Thoughts and Advice regarding Sonus Faber speakers

I would like peoples thoughts on the Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s. I’m seriously considering  purchasing them to replace 20 year old Thiel 2.3’s.  I have had the coaxial driver (combo midrange and tweeter) replaced in the Thiel’s by Coherent Source service in Lexington and they did a great job…but to my ear they are still a little to analytical.  Not on all recordings…but some. I really like the mid range and vocal treatment of the Sonetto V’s.  Any thoughts? For $5000.00 would you consider them a high end audio product…or are they more of a home theater speaker  (as they are towers). How good is the company on service and standing behind their products? Some have suggested that since I am after a more relaxed presentation…I look at dynaaudio speakers. Perhaps Evoke 50.
There is a dealer about 3 hours away. Some of my audiophile friends think the Sonetto’s may be a lateral move…that a 5G speaker today is no better than a 3G speaker two decades ago.  They have suggested buying pre-owned Sonus Faber in the 6-7 G range…but that is really above my budget…and I’m not sure about the risk. One more thing….will the Sonetto’s be significantly easier to drive.  My Thiel’s are 87db@2.8 V-1m…impedance is 4 ohms….the Sonetto’s are also 4 ohms but 90db SPL - 2.83 V/1M. My current system  is an Audio Research 100.1 power amp -solid state 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms…200 into 4…Audio Research LS 16 pre-amp (hybrid)…Audio research CD-3, and VPI Scout Jr. Turntable. You can see my dilemma….any advice would be appreciated.
BTW…most dealers to not have the models in stock and the wait time after ordering is 3 months.


They’re good speakers and worthy of anchoring a hi-fi setup, in my opinion.  I have the Olympica Nova 5s on order (ordered last Oct, will arrive in Mar) and listened to the Sonetto’s as well.  I can’t speak to the Thiel comparison, but SF is a quality product up and down the line, in my opinion.

I have the Sonetto V for almost 4 month now powered by the MA 352 hybrid amp and RS 250 DAC with a Rel T9X sub.  I am really satisfied and everybody who listened them in my room was impressed.   These loudspeakers can play very low with a lot of bass.  I am a bass head so, I added a t9x in high level connection just to support the low frequency sonetto which they work in full range.  I am really happy with my setup.  I added the GAIA III and this little tweak increase the Soundstage and clarity one step further.  I think  the Sonetto like using tube preamp. I had the Nad C298 with Nad C658 on the Sonetto before my actual setup I did not like sound quality.

I listen jazz, rock, techno, blues, metal.

Strongly recommended for a hifi system.