Thoughts/Advice on replacing a 20 year old system

Hello all,
I’ve finally decided to replace most (or all) of my existing 20+ year old system, and am hoping to not make a bad decision.

I’ve listened to, and liked, a McIntosh MA352, which has no digital inputs. This system will be 99% for CD and Tidal MQA music listening.

I’m leaning toward using a NAD C 658 with this integrated amp, although my single local audiophile dealer does not sell NAD. It supports BluOS, Roon, and MQA, and is reportedly far superior to the Blusound Node 2i.

My concerns are:

1. Will I run into any issues using the C 658, with it’s onboard pre-amp, with the McIntosh? I’ve never ventured into this realm of kit, and am unsure of the technology "gotchas" of mixing these two units. I almost wish that the C 638 didn’t have the pre-amp, since the MA352 has that, but I may be missing something obvious to experienced users.

2. Although I have no desire to use this system as a home theater setup, would I be "better off" with an McIntosh amp (MC152 or MC 312), and using the NAD as the DAC and pre-amp.

3. I lean toward the NAD C658 because of it’s support for BlusOS, Roon, MQA, and because of the availability of upgrade modules. With the way technologies are changing, I’m thinking the ability to upgrade is a desirable feature.

4. My budget for the amp and streaming unit is somewhere in the $8-12,000 range. I’d appreciate any advice/opinions on the items I’m considering, and any good alternatives that I have missed in my research.

Thanks in advance.
Hi KB may I ask what's in your 20 year old system? Newer can be better but not always and you can add streaming functionality to any analog system.
The old system is a NAD T 752 that, having died, been repaired, has now finally died again.  I never used it as a home theater systems, just as a 2 channel. 
My speakers, which are still quite nice, are Klipsch R-5s. 

I've spend many of the last years not listening to much music at all, but have started again recently using a RX-V681 AV receiver that I got as a retirement gift.  It never sounded anywhere near as good as the NAD ;-) did.
I've tried a Marantz PM7000n and a Blusound Powernode 2i, but returned both...didn't like the sound of either, especially the Blusound, which sounded thin and weak, even compared to the PM7000N.
For now, I'll keep the R-5s and plan to upgrade them to La Scalas or Klipschorns, which I have always loved listening to, after I complete a move to another state within a year or so.
I just spent a long time listening to the McIntosh MA352, and really like the sound.
So your 20 year old system is kaput got it. If you like the MA352 it looks like a solid choice. As far as streaming goes the NAD may sound better than the Node2i but you're also paying for a lot of functionality you don't need. It does look like the NAD has a fixed line out that bypasses the volume control so that would work fine into your integrated. However since your up to around $1650 for the NAD a Bluesound Node2i with a good external Dac might sound just as good if not better.
Sooo...I'm so new to this... I would use some port on the back of the Node2i to connect to this external DAC.... What sort of external DACs should I be looking at?  Do you have any recommendations?
Thanks again for your insight.
Not to crazy about MQA. Switched to Qobuz HiRes. I am still using Node 2i; it sports a good DAC. MF M6si is my new, and great, integrated amp. Considering upgrade of the DAC to RME ADI-2 DAC -- I am not even sure it will be that much better. It is not that easy to improve on the DAC these days because they are all very good and therefore similar.
Rogue sphinx v3, wharfedale lintons, ortofon quintet blue, pro-ject classic evo, and a musical fidelity v90 dac....stellar sound at a reasonable price for an entire system. Throw in your choice of streamer and be done.
Extras....a vintage tuner and cassette deck and man, what else you need??? 
We both like the MC352. Suggest you immediately scrap the NAD preamp and move up, up, and away from similar products. For example, there are plenty of Mac preamps out there (new or used) that will be way better with the Mac amp you’ve got.  Add whatever Digital or Analog that you like, but this way you’ll have a nice foundation.  Good luck.
If you are headed to LaScala or Khorns, 75 wpc will kill y’all- consider a nice Mac preamp and 275 power amp and a dedicated streamer dac

btw the new Cornwall looks promising and will have deeper bass than the LaScala 
The MC352 is an integrated the NAD was going to just be used as a streamer in the proposed setup hence the conversation about streamers and Dacs. And KB the Node has both coaxial and optical digital outputs to connect to an external Dac.
@goheelz has the right idea IMO. Get the McIntosh C2700 preamp with DA2 upgradeable DAC. And modular MM/MC. Set for life. 
Streamer. Try Lumin. Even the cheapest model is fantastic and the T2 blows away everything at or anywhere near its price point 
+1 On the Lumin T2 with it’s built in DAC. Maybe pair that with a PrimLuna Integrated. Simple, done and well with in budget. All new stuff may be a good way to go? Easy and less stuff.

If tubes not for you then maybe a Hegel integrated amplifier, Peachtree or even Schiit (yes real name).

Still with in budget you could add an external power supply for the Lumin called the Sbooster.

Mytek Brooklyn Streamer w/Dac also good. Prefer Lumin T2.

The quality of the DAC and features, especiall integration with your phone, are key.

You absolutely need to listen to any such choice first.
Oh, right, I am an early adopter of MQA and honestly don't care for it. It's not worth it to me, so keep that in mind while purchasing.  The best modern DAC's play Redbook (CDs) much better than 15 y ears ago. That means high res may not be as big a deal for you anymore. Your mileage and personal tastes may vary.
Sorry, I read your post incorrectly and muddied the water: you have the MA352 integrated amp, not the MC352 stereo amp, which I'm more familiar with. 

But I think my advice is pretty solid otherwise.