Thoughts about the new MacMini & Lion OS

I'm wondering what audiophiles who use MacMinis as music servers think about the new MMs that do not have an optical drive.

I'm also wondering what audiophiles think about the Lion OS on a MM that's used primarily for audio playback.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

:) listening,


I think that folks will come to a consensus in a few days as to weather Snow Leopard can be installed on 2011 Mac Mini. Then your your hardware choice may become easy.

Well, we got 3 Mach2 Music Servers setup today. The 2011 does sound better that the 2010, and OSX 10.6.8 will run fine on the 2011 Mini's.

We have 2 on battery power right now, and on running standard. We have found no issues so far.

That sounds like good news, Darrell. And a tip of the cap to you for updating your website already.

Now you need to see what Lion does to things. There have been some reports of meaningfully improved sound from iTunes under Lion, so who knows, it might all turn out well.

Yes, we are all set on the 2011 Mach2 Server. The new Mac Mini is a very good upgrade. I maintain our website so updates can be done quickly. It comes in handy with Apples variable release dates. ;-)

We've been looking at Lion. You see how fast we moved on the 2011 Mac Mini. If we saw benefit from Lion, we'd release a Lion build today.

iTunes probably sounds a bit better with Lion because the latest iTunes release is 64bit, not because of Lion itself.