Thoughts about the Magico A3, Revel Salon2/ Studio2

Just curious to find out what are the thoughts of the Magico A3 ? I do not have the opportunity of listening to the pair as the dealer is in another state but it maybe worth heading upstate to audition them.

So far, I have listened to the Revel Salon 2s that I really like. The Revel sounded very extremely neutral, detailed and are easy to position. As much as they are good, they seemed pretty dated judging that they are over 10 years old but that being said, there are not many speakers like it these days.

Just wanted to find out what the overall characteristics of the A3 are, pros and cons. 
@steve59 Didn't you own the Salon2 and the Usher at some point? How would you compare them and why did you sell them? 
i started with the revel f52 then the salon 1, surprisingly a lateral move sonically, then the salon 2 that I would have probably kept if I could have gotten decent bass from, I’ve learned since selling the salon2 that other owners had similar experience that was solved by using 500wpc or more. Without the bass extension the salon2’s sounded a bit clinical after I got used to them and the be20 dmd are more efficient. I bought them to play with and resell but having them highlighted what I wasn’t getting from the salons. Rear ported speakers do better in my room. The ushers had a wide deep but low soundstage that didn’t rise much above the speakers, imaging was sensational though. My salon2 imaged great but not anchored to the sound stage. Hard to explain but i think my bass problems affected the stage...Salons and be 20 dmd’s we’re both exciting and that usher tweeter compared well to my ears. I only sold the ushers to help finance a pair that retail 4 times the price.
@steve59 What a journey. What speakers did you end up buying after selling the Salons and the Ushers? Are you not happy with them as you're looking for another pair of speakers? 
I landed a pair of DSP8000’s upgraded to’se’ that so far have made everything else I’m listening to sound like speakers. So today I’m happy I need to send the 8k's in for service and don't know how long i'll be without so i'm looking for a pair to use while they're away, they'll either go in a 2nd or back on the market when the 8k's r back