Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube

This gentleman has stirred up some controversy in the audio world over on YouTube. I personally, find him very interesting.  What are your thoughts?


This is like asking is MQA good or not.

Re. @curtdr and @pedroeb comments... anyone who thinks Mr. Amir isn't  "... irrelevant opinionated egotistical jackass garbage." (and there's no need for this kind of commentary in the audiophile world imo), is self exposing. Amir is entitled to his pontificating and if you like him, great. 

1. Randy has a lane. While I fast forward his intros (annoying music and intro fodder) and only watch a some of his reviews. (I am not a Paetron of his. I am of a couple of others whose reviews fall more inline with my interests.) 

2. I had an application / location where I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Between Randy, Zeos, and others, I learned about Fosi amps and Jamo S 803 speakers. Pretty impressive for background music and I spent less than $350.00 and am very happy with them. Randy discussed the Fosi amps that got me looking. 

3. It's basically still a free country and you can choose what you watch, read, etc. 

4. I've only been nosing around these forums for the past 2 years. The outliers and know-it-all folks can be ignored.

5. Randy occasionally reviews some higher end equipment.

6. Re. YouTube reviewers, I appreciate Hans Beekhuyzen, "Z reviews" (mainly headphone gear), John Darko, Currawong, & Josh Valour to mention a few. All have their lane. 

As Han's always concludes his videos, "and whatever you do, enjoy the music!"

I’ve watched Randy from the beginning of his channel. I enjoy his irreverent and self deprecating sense of humor. IMO calling him a sellout is completely unfair. YouTube is his job now and he has to make an income. His lane in cheap audio and for the most part he sticks with it with the occasional foray into higher priced components. Frankly, whenever he does he gets hammered in his comments for doing so. He has opened the hobby up to thousands who bought what he suggested and are thrilled they did.

He has helped Geshelli Labs immensely, and doesn't get a dime for it. Good equipment at a very reaonable price. IMO. Randy does try to be helpful. If anything he can give you a good laugh at the start of an otherwise boring day!

Cheapaudioman recommended the WiiM Mini Airplay 2.

I have this little streamer connected to my Denafrips Pontus 2 DAC via Toslink cable and the sound quality is amazing.

Compared to my previous set-up with my PC to the Denafrips Iris to the Pontus via I2S I'd say it's about the same, possibly even better.

But I have ordered a PI 2 Design Mercury which I believe should be even better.


i've watched many of his reviews. some are definitely interesting... in the sense he's consuming lots of audio equipment...daily! but when he goes over and over and over again about the music examples he uses to determine if an amp, speakers or a dac is good...well... it's pretty lame! sorry, don't want to sound snob, but you have to include music that is less compressed and has way more dynamic range than 80's and 90's rock and pop! no jazz (except his perpetual use of miles davis 'so what'; which i'm sure he couldn't care less what's about) or classical music. you have to include and KNOW these genres in order to give a more substantial evaluation. it think sean of zero fidelity is way more reliable and tarun (british audiophile) is by far the most interesting and thorough reviewer. i would definitely trust most of tarun's reviews.