Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube

This gentleman has stirred up some controversy in the audio world over on YouTube. I personally, find him very interesting.  What are your thoughts?


I am ok with him and appreciate his work.  Like any reviewer, one should take whatever he says with a grain of salt.  Much of what he does is for entertainment!  Although I have several components outside his normal price range (McIntosh, Focal, Klipsch La Scalas, etc.) from time to time I am looking for something special.  For example, I wanted an inexpensive open-back headphone to use for online music lessons.  (I already have some expensive headphones for music listening.). An internet search led me to his recommendation of Emotiva.  I then conducted independent research, which supported his recommendation.  I purchased the headphones and they have delivered exactly what I wanted.  His review is what led me to them.  So, thanks to him!


Man…I wish I could come by and hear those! All the way down in Jax Fl, unfortunately. I remember checking those out via their affiliate company website - Role Audio - when ordering some plinths for some totem arrows I had a while back. 

Those model 100’s look amazing with some very high praise. Even at that low 5 digit price point, seem worth every penny. 

All the NSMT speaker offerings seem exceptional for the $. 

Thanks to all who have responded to this thread. Great responses from all of you!

+1 @fstein "you would be shocked at how good "mid-fi" has gotten in the last 20 years"​​​​​​

I like the Cheapaudio guy. When I first started to listen was using a pair of Pebbles speakers of my gaming computer and I have been tweaking and upgrading ever since. I have become addicted to HiFi gear and it will probally need a 12 step program to stop. Anyway Randy is fun to listen to and he will tell you he's not an expert audiophile guy, and probally doesn't have the wallet like most of the account holders here do and neither do I. It's alot of fun pursuing that next level of sound.