Thoughts about speakers for a newbie

I am quite new to the audio world and always like hearing people's opinions (knowing in the end it is individual preferences).
Currently I have Mac running Tidal/Audirvana to Chord Qutest to PS Audio Sprout 100 and MarkAudio Sota Cesti B.  I think the system sounds nice but recently made some upgrades.  I found a mix of new and used equiptment.  They should be in this week and I am thinking the speakers will be my weak point at this time.  New system:
Innuos MiniMK II to the Chord Qutest to an Audio Hungary APR 204 to First Watt F7.
I have read a bit on the Rethm Maarga and they sound interesting, but no dealer within 250 miles to hear them in person.  I really like the sound of my MarkAudio Sota speakers and also considering Viotti Towers. I have heard a lot of people singing the praise of Double impacts by Tekton (but have not heard them either).
Any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for your comments

Welcome. I highly recommend that you attend an audio show, such as AXPONA (which is in the spring in Chicago) or RMAF (which is in the fall in Denver). There you will get to hear a vast array of speakers in different price ranges. Importantly, it will allow you to become familiar with brands you have never heard of and also see how those brands pair their components with other equipment, presumably to maximize their sound quality. I used this method to listen to many different speakers I was interested in. It made a definitive difference in my purchasing decisions. The rooms aren't perfect, but I'm confident you will come away with your own opinions on many brands.
Good luck,
Awesome.  Chicago is not too far and AXPONA sounds like a great start.  Thanks
I agree with the above post.
There is a wealth of very good speakers available.
Recently, I've been impressed with the Focal brand and they use quality parts and offer a variety of models at various price points.
If you're interested in very high quality sound and have limited funds, consider high quality earphones and a dedicated headphone amp.