Thoughts about Magnum audio amps from England

Magnum Audio IA 200...100 watts, remote control, comes with phono. 300 va tordial transformer, 4x 6700 uf filters. just bought it and it is the BEST integrated amp I have ever owned.. Must be one of the best for under $1000 for sure. I have owned integrated amps by Acurus, Arcam, Audio innovations, Rega, Rotel, Audiolab, YBA, LFD ect... This is the best of them. Honestly.. Check them out at It is a small company from England and is designed and made there. The designers are origanlly from Rega. Its a small company and not well known. I am writting this so others like me have the chance to know them. They have a smooth but detailed sound. Very easy to listen to and musical. Check them out if u can. They rank up there or surpass the bigger companies. Let me know your thoughts if you own or have listened to one.
I have enjoyed my IA200 for 8 years. It seems to have a nice balance between non fatigue, warm, detailed yet involving. Great value for the money. I have been able to avoid the upgrade merry go round by simply listeng to this fine integrated and loving it for what it does at a great price. I recommend it highly.
I have some smaller Magnum at home demo, and it is really good, warm, and non-fatigue, but at the expense of everything sounds the same. it will never jump on you, but whatever i throw at, it sounds slow, and makes me sleep after a while. i'm fan of warm components, but it was too much even for me. i'd like to hear differencies between various types of music. but, i don't blame Magnum, all warm components have problems of making all music sounding the same.