Thought on Spectral Audio's future?

Who might consider continuing the quest for perfection? All companies eventually sell.


Agree Eric. I never could understand Spectral's business plan. Perhaps the owners have other sources of income - or don't need income?

@ptss, my friend had 4 pieces of Spectral equipment and it all went south sometimes more than once. Then there is their reputation which is not so hot. All this fits with my friends experience. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is usually a duck.

@mijostyn your "friend" certainly never complained in a public way.... I welcome being corrected-- with facts, just the facts :)

@ptss , The first piece to sh-t a brick was a DMA 180. It fried itself and had to be sent back to the factor and rebuilt. 5 years later it did the same thing but this time off warrantee. I do not know the exact number but you can give it a guess.