Thought on Rotel, Arcam, Classe as Preamps

Im looking for a new preamp to power a pair of maggie 1.6 right now but they are about ready to go up for sale. I have had them for a year an love them but downgrading room size to 13' x 15' just doesnt cut it. I am selling my new Peachtree Nova and recently sold my JC2. So I am left with my parasound A21.
With that said I have the opportunity to purchase the Rotel RC-1580, Parasound P3, Arcams or Classe CP 2-channel preamp, depending on price since this is out of the realm price wise of the others. Any help without suggesting others since these are in my wheelhouse so to speak. Thanks for any comments.
I would get either the Parasound P3, Classe CP-50 or CP-60.
I know this is long from first post but I bought the Parasound P5 2.1 and John who Mods the Maggies with his stands and x-overs told me about all the chatter among Maggies owners that the D-Class S-Sonic power amps were highly regarded. I both the 1200 wpc @ 4ohm and wow am I happy. This is a one man shop, a mechanical engineer such as myself builds them and to me, the best sounding amp I have heard with the baggies. It drives them with ease and brings out the lows like I have not heard with any tube or A/B SS power amps. I have a Parson A21 I am getting ready to sell since I no longer use it.

Another vote for either Classe' or Parasound.
Arcam does pretty well for a processor, though. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!