Those with experience with Rowland Model 6's?

I have the 6's with their battery power. My whole system is Rowland.
The Coherence II, the Cadence, and the Model 6's.
Incredible with my Quads, both the 63's and the 989's.

Need help if anyone can answer....
One of the amps is warming up unevenly. The right side warms up the left is much cooler. The other amp is coming to temperature and maintanining it correctly on both sides.

Have replaced the fuses that are supposedly to maintain temperatures, on the left side of the troubled amp. But still no difference.

The amp works as well as the one that maintains its temperature on both sides.

Any ideas what might be amiss? Am I forcing the amp even if there is not audible difference?

Thanks for any help.
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Thanks for the question Rleff,

it is just with the amp part, not the batteries.
This is interesting. I spoke to Jeff and it is possible that one may run hotter than the other depending on what each speaker is drawing in power.
However, in my set one of the amps is running cooler on one side only.
So when I get back after new years, I will recheck if the fuses have been blown again on the temperature control system.
According to Jeff it is possible that since there are seperate amps left and right of each unit, only the temperature elements may have trouble, if the sound is equivalent on both amp units.

Will get back to you in a week or so.

I just saw your other threads from some time ago. Interesting that you also have dipoles, and even ones that require even more power.

If you can get the batteries, by all means do so! The sound field opens up and it is even closer to tubes, yet, with greater realism.

If it is of interest, I have used the REL sub along with my Quads, and it is very well intergrated. It was amazing to see what the 6's brought out in the lower end of the spectrum with the REL.

Do you have any info on how A class our 6's are? Is it for the first 10 watts or so?