Those who seek to deny access to information

Like many/most here, one of the main reasons I frequent audiogon is to gather information. I am looking for ways to enhance the enjoyment I get from listening to music on my system. The information most valuable to me comes from those who share their actual experience with products that I am interested in, but have not heard in my system.

The audio community is a diverse one, with many opinions, ideas and perspectives. Many of them differ from mine, and that is fine. Those who disagree with me are free to make posts and start threads about whatever they choose. This doesn’t bother me, I am free to choose what I read, and what I don’t.

What does rile me up up is deliberate attempts to deny me (and others) access to the information that I value. There are some here who repeatedly seek to disrupt, sidetrack, derail, and shut down conversations about topics and products that trigger them. They do not contribute any useful information or experience to the discussion, and make disparaging comments about things they have zero experience with. They are bullies who mock, ridicule and provoke those who use, make and sell certain products. They seek to stifle any discussions about, and especially positive opinions of, the products and people they clearly have a vendetta against.

They can start their own threads, and talk about what a fool I am all day long, I don’t care. Their deliberate and repeated attempts to deny myself and others access to the information we value, however, are intolerable.


My thread about the prototype discs was taken down. I tried to renew it or get an explanation but received nothing. Way too much control of speech. I will be looking for other sites to visit.

when I proposed that debate be use as a mode of expression rather than censorship, citing a previous instance where the thread had been taken down, guess who made negative noise?

clue: it wasn‘t the measurement crew - funny isn‘t it seeing the outcome ? - pity you can‘t go see for yourself..

When informative threads get deleted then that denies me information…….A'gon can do whatever they want but those deleted threads are a pet peeve of mine.

there was a totally uncontroversial and informative thread on a Supratek preamp that got taken down for no apparent reason, to the extent that it raises suspicions as to whether a competitor is able to have threads removed to gain commercial advantage.

Indeed master_wabbit

When @ozzy posted that he was considering taking his own post down I amongst a couple of others posted the following to @ozzy  in response to @thyname urging him to nuke his own thread …

“ I  see no reason for you to take your thread down.

It is your thread in which you are writing about your subjective experiences with this product thereby opening up a debate upon said product.

However we live in a democratic society,  as is this forum … ergo is it realistic to expect that every respondent will be favourably minded  toward an unexplained product with properties unknown to science, and only expect enthusiastic comment from the membership as a whole?

Que the “ Why are you in this thread weenering posts  “

Well … Its a Democracy , and those folks are entitled to post their opinion without being ganged up on by the usual * How Very Dare You* cabal ( yes you know who you are 😉) 

I hope that you keep your thread up and running and post your own considerations regardless.”


My direct reply to @thyname 

” @thyname 

 Of course you would like to see @ozzy take this thread down as it would serve your own agenda and self interest ….

“ OooooH Look Look … another thread nuked because of ( Insert whatever name )

Let’s face it you are no Machiavelli !!! “

Who is really playing games here ?



Like everything in the world today you have wade knee deep through the crap to find a keeper every no and then. Trouble is the crap keeps getting deeper and deeper.