Those that upgraded from Tekton

What did you move on to?


I think it’s time I move on from my DIs, I really like how they sound but they are just too big and opposing for my room. Would be interested in something front ported as I have a room that is wide but not deep (speakers are 8 ft away from listening position and only 1 ft from back wall).

Was thinking Cornwall IV maybe or something from Salk but those might not be an upgrade from the DI.

Up to $5k budget and prefer used. Powered by Line Magnetic LM805i

And please don’t come here just to talk crap about Tekton……….

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For a smaller room, were rear ported might be delicate to tune, may I suggest single driver with active bass. I have a been using rethm (maarga model for me), but Bhaava, or Trishna could  be excellent  in your listening space.



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Every change from Tekton is an upgrade.

Please tell me more about your actual experience with tekton and upgrading.  Can't wait to hear if you know anything about what you are saying.