Those of you having experience with Manley Shrimp

I have purchased the Shrimp and am interested in what you are using for power amps. At this point I want to go with a solid state amp, then possibly tubes down the road. A local dealer has a used McCormack DNA-1,comments? But at the moment I am open to suggestions-want to go used-get the best bang for the buck.
I've had a Shrimp for only a few weeks and have it paired up with an Ayre V3, a solid state 100 wpc power amp. The combo is quite good. I think the McCormack DNA-1 would make a great mate for the Shrimp. To quote the Manley Shrimp manual... "As a rule, power up your amplifier last, power it down first so it does not amplify any stray noises which could occur upstream from source components powering up or down."
I like McCormacks a lot, but have an Edge I like just as well. It did cost more, though.

Our systems have similar pieces. I have the Tyler Taylo 7U. My source is the Cary 308t. My pre is the Shrimp.

I had been driving the 7u with a McCormack DNA-125 with what I though were fine results. I recently switched out the McCormack for a Tim Rawson Aleph 5+ and must say, I prefer the Rawson to the McCormack.

The DNA is a more forward presentation with defintiely more flesh on the bones. With the volume on the Manley at only 11 o'clock, it was ear splitting while still holding together nicely. With the Rawson, however, the soundstage is more seamless and coherent with a bit more detail and less congestion. For rock, the DNA is probably the way to go, for jazz, opera, & classical, I prefer the Rawson.

The Shrimp is a great piece and works well w/ SS or tubes. The Tylers are more efficient than their specs may indicate (86db, 4 ohm). My next move is to try a tube amp, maybe a CJ MV60 or ARC VS 55.

Keep us updated on your results.
I have Cary cad 200 with manley shrimp perfect match but you need to retubes.