those F'n price stickers on jewel cases...

hey, i found something that will actually take the price tag goo off used cd jewel cases, w/out clouding/melting them...... BUG-N-TAR REMOVER for cars. one wipe and it's AGON...
My preference is for Bestine, the rubber cement solvent developed by Union Rubber.

Not only does this solvent remove stickers from jewel cases, it will removes labels from LP covers WITHOUT discoloring the ink and art work.

Rare albums that are otherwise perfect except for unsightly labels from retailer or previous owner may be returned to new pristine condition.

I have used this solvent for more than 30 years with superb results. It also gets the pasty goo off the cars windshield, left from last years state inspection sticker. Certainly safer than abrasives and razor blades which typically leave a film on the glass.
albert, i had to try... i grabbed an old lp and the bug and tar remover works also... thanks for the hint,must be the same petro-chemicals... cheaper??
Gunk brand bug and tar remover is basically highly refined kerosine. Number 7 brand contains Xylene, which I would not want near an LP. Other brands use Naphtha, the same ingredient in Gulf (Chevron now?) charcoal lighter.

Chances are all these are good for cleaning a CD case, and if you choose wrong, a new one is available for pennies at Best Buy or Comp USA.

The Bestine solvent was manufactured in the 1920's for artists doing paste up with rubber cement. Much of the stickers and labels today, even some of the 3M spray adhesives are softened and removed by Bestine.

My reason for suggesting it so strongly is the fact that I have such a long record of it's safety around artwork, LP's and general glue removal. No doubt there are countless petro-solvents that work, I just don't know their long term track record safety wise.
if all else fails us nothing but yer fingernail...
Here's one you won't believe. Just a drop of olive oil, let it sit a couple of minutes, and it floats off.
Try "Goo Gone" which is a cirtus oil based product available
at most major stores... works like a champ on stickers, chewing gum etc. I have been using it for about 10 years now in my retail store.
WD-40 works also.
WD-40 has worked for me on gunk I thought wouldn't come off with a blowtorch. Be light with it as it can leave a slight residue. I usually just spray it on whatever I'm wiping the CD with.
Woohoo! I can come out of the closet. I have always hated, detested, loathed those stickers. How could someone deface the art of a cd or lp cover with a damned sticker? I am not remotely the anal sort, but there is something about those stickers that makes me want to remove them as soon as I buy the goods. I always thought this fettish to be abnormal - and here is living proof that I am not alone - at least 6 other people that take this issue seriously too. Thank you Audiogon. Those products you mention are obviously from the US and not so likely to be found here in NZ, but Olive Oil, that I can do. Thanks Dopogue.
Redkiwi, I'll bet you could find a Bestine-like product at your local art supplier. Bestine is sold in virtually all art supply stores so I imagine you can find something comparable. BTW, if you can't find anything like it, you might want to become an international distributor (see Albert's link above) ;-)
I can kind of understand why CDs have them (although I too hate the freekin' things) for retail brick and mortar stores to cut down on theft. I'd probably pay extra tho' if amazon or someone could cut a deal to retail them without the stupid stickers. And speaking of CD packaging, from what advanced alien technology does that absolutely impregnable clear plastic wrap come from?
I use 90+% alcohol with good results.
Sek, I agree, but what do you use to get the glue off of CD cases? ;-)
I have used Ronsonol lighter fluid or Lysol disinfectant spray to get the glue off the jewel case. Lysol will also remove majic marker ink from almost any plastic or vinyl surface.

Another issue with used cds is the number of fine scratches on the jewel case. I have discovered that using a clear coat clearner/car wax on the case really cleans them up pretty good. The wax will also remove any small residue of glue that is left on the case.