Those break in CD

I heard that the break in CD they sell for 180$ is the same thing as puting a data CD into the audiocd player (like one Windows ME CD) Do any of our audiophile fellows had experience with this ?
Its not the same. Most CD players won't play a computer program CD-ROM because it is not a Red Book CD format. Some will but I would recommend against it. If you need to break in your system just turn your FM tuner to static between stations.
As far as I know burning in means to feed the widest possible frequency and amplitude ranges into the system to cover all frequencies and amplitudes of REAL music in a shorter time which then might be needed for burning in.
If they succeed in charging you $180 for that band of frequencies on any CD their marketing dep. has done a marvellous job!!
Try to get your dealer burning in your cables or whatever or - even better - listen to good music for a good amount of time and enjoy the "it's getting better all the time". Spend the $180 on a good Red French and have fun!
Good luck!
I'm assuming that $180 pays for a lot of engineering time and expensive equipment used to optimize the signal.(?) I've used Stereophile's Burn-In Noise (track 20) on Test CD 3, the System Burn-In (track 9) on the XLO Test/Burn-In CD, and the Equipment and Cable Burn-In Signal (track 38) on the Chesky Audiophile Test Disc Vol 3. I can't imagine anything working much better than the Chesky or the XLO (I prefer the Chesky).