THORENS Vintage TT- Need help determining Model

Hello, I just accquired a Vintage Thorens turntable, so old I can not even find a picture/description of it on the Thorens or other vintage web-sites. The power is controlled by a front top toggle and the speed control is also center top mounted(33,45,78). It was with a Fairchild tonearm, perhaps it from a console. Swiss Motor, direct drive, custome made cabinet. An ideas? Thanks, Rich
Additional Pics
None of those pix are accesible to me. What format are they in?

Same happens to me, can't see the pics...
They're JPGs. If you download the files, then change the extension from .html to .jpg, you should be able to open them.

I didn't recognize the table - it's an oldie!

It's an e53N idler drive, I believe, rather than direct. Older than the TD series. Fairchild arm.

This page is in German, but you should be able to find your Thorens:
OK. My Thorens docs indicate the E53 in the era of 1943-1954 and, since I remember it, it was certainly available towards the end of that era. 1957 saw the introduction of the TD range.