Thorens turntables are in production again

For those of you who liked the German-made Thorens turntables, there is good news: They are back in business, as you can see from their new website
There are three models, for the time being.
I looked at the website. The lower line models look very much like the budget Japanese belt drive turntables from the early 80's. But these new Thorens models use a DC motor, and I don't know if the Japanese ones did or not. The arms have auto lift, and look exactly like they got them from Japan. In fact these lower line Thorens look just like a early 80's Technics belt drive.

The higher line model is much more like I would expect a modern Thorens to be like. Suspended, and precision bearings. It has the wood around the outside, sort of reminiscent of a Rega P9, visually. I suspect that this could be a pretty good sounding table. It is called the Ambiance. Don't know any of the prices.

Glad to see an old analog name making a comeback. Thorens fans might want to support their "old flame" with a purchase of one of these, and let us know how they like it.