Thorens Turntables

I recently can across a E-Bay seller from Germany who sells refurbished Thorens Turntables. The company is Art Of Sound. The Tables are quite beautiful, Has anyone ever heard of this company. Are the tables rebuilt or are you paying for a pretty plinth.

Thorens has been around longer than many of us.  They are Swiss, make excellent tables (depending on the model) and stand behind their products.  ALL of their products.  Their TD-124 is legendary and a very good performer.  

It's hard to tell how a specific table on a custom plinth will sound.
I owned the TD-166 MkII. Belt drive, rosewood finish. I sold it and bought a VPI HW-19 Jr.  Back then I was selling things in order to justify buying new equipment.  

I wish I still had that Thorens.   The VPI not so much.  
Can't agree more. I have a restored Empire 208 its sounds better than many of the newer tables I have purchased over the years.
I just bought a new Thorens table (PD-203). The price was reduced a lot (to US $699) and the lower quality cartridge it comes with was replaced by the Ortogon 2M Blue. The cart may not be broken in yet and sounds a little too strong in the treble range. But details are excellent. Very dependent on the individual record, some sound great, others less so. There’s a debate about whether it’s made in China. Not mentioned at all on the table or package, but one New Zealand Thorens dealer says so on his website. The Thorens tech at the Thorens US distributor swore it was not made in China. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me too much if it is and it explains the price drop.
Re Art of Sound Thorens. Avoid the 316/318/320. I had a 318 and found it quite dull and plodding.
TBH, they look gorgeous but I'd be inclined to look for a Thorens 124, a Lenco 75 or a Garrard 301/401 especially as you are looking at close to $2k.

I have a 125 with Rega 300 arm. Still an excellent sounding combination! Also have a 160 with a SME Series 4 arm. Also excellent SQ! Both of these models not as desirable as the 124 - but not as expensive either!
I had a Thorens TD125 for many years, with Stanton, Pickering and Lyra carts. Sadly it is not around anymore. Should be possible to buy and upgrade. It could be interesting if you want to run several turntables. I only use one. I switched from the Thorens TD125 to a VPI HW-19, and then to a Hanss T30, and have not looked back.
You can find people in the U.S. that offer restored or modded Thorens ’tables. Steve Frosten is one I can think of. Also see
What is your budget? You may want to give Greg Metz of STS/Classic Thorens a call. He is located just outside Nashville. I know that he has several tables, not all of them TD124's, ready for sale. Greg is like a Swiss watch maker. He cleans up vintage tables piece by piece to the point that once "revitalized", they look brand new. 
On a side note, I find it amusing that you were asking if anyone was familiar with Art and Sound of Germany and as usual, folks did not bother to use their reading comprehension and instead thought you were asking about Thorens in general. And of course, commenting on Thorens in general is pointless. They made a ton of different decks and still do at all quality levels/price points. 
Thanks I will look into Greg STS models. I much rather purchase from a US company.
so no one wrote some thing which related to the original questain

is it just a pretty plinth or is it a well down refurbished turntable 

is any one can answer that ? 
The seller obviously is reputable given his 100% positive feedback on over 4k transactions.  But I would suggest you simply contact them and just ask what is their definition of 'restored'?  New spindle bearings? Recapped? 

But keep in mind that the older TD Thorens series have issues with knocking and/or bent shaft motors that are no longer available new.