Thorens TSP-40

Just want to know anyone out there ever heard about Thorens speakers? I got a pair of Thorens TSP-40 bookshelf speakers about 3 or 4 years ago and I have been looking for reviews etc; but it looks like I am the only one on this planent have a pair of Thorens speakers.
I remember their turntables. Didn't know they did speakers.
Hi, I got a pair of them with yellow membranes.
My story goes like this,
I went to buy speakers, listened to several in comparison,
with classical music only the thorens sounded good,
then I told the salesman money doesnt play a role,
so we went to the Hi-end department and he presented like $2000-$3000 speakers.
I couldnt hear a difference. So I decided these Thorens must be good.
Payed about $700 for a pair.
Mine are in cherry wood :-)

(my background: I work as an audio engineer in the classical music/opera branch in germany)