Thorens TP 16 Height adjustment

Help I'm having trouble getting my TP 16 MkII/TP62 at the right height for my cartridge (Ortofon 2M red). When I raise the arm pillar there is a definite restriction about half way across the record. Lowering the pillar frees this up again. Could this be something to do with the cable? Am I taking up all the slack? Previous cartridge was Nagoaka MP11 deck is TD126 MkII. Is there anything I can do at the headshell end to compensate or do I need to take the deck to pieces and get some more slack on the phono cables. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Try taking the bottom off the table and take a peek from underneath to see if the tonearm wires are tangled..I rigged up a Tuntable jig stand ( large hole in the middle ) so as to be able to take them bottom off without having to flip the table upside down......