Thorens TF295 mkIII

Anyone like this turntable? Its $699 demo at Saturday Audio Exchange.

Also, can anyone give me recommendations on a turntable cartridge setup for under $1K? (table, arm, cartridge). As close to plug and play as possible would be good but I think I can figure things out otherwise. I don't think I would want to compromise sound just for plug and play though.

I know some people hate these threads but the closest hifi shop is three hours away. I would like to learn from others' experience if possible. Thanks.
blah! Its a TD295 methinks! not TF!
That helps. Thanks.
Hi Paul, I don't know that particular Thorens from experience, but I always liked the Brand, having owned a couple. You've probably already checked their site, if not, here's the link:

As I understand it, the deck is supplied with an AT95 cartridge. Not bad, but you could do better with a nice Ortofon for instance. Remember you'll need a separate pre-pre, so decide if you want a mm or an mc cartridge before splashing out on a pre.
The only drawback is it looks a bit pricey, but then again, I live in Europe, so I guess Thorens is pricier in the USA then over here. Maybe you can compare it to something similiar priced like a Rega or a Pro-Ject in the same price range?