Thorens TD320/sme 3009s2 Any experience in combo

The have had a Thorens TD 320 MKi with a Thorens TP16MKIII tonearm and a Shure M97. I have recieved a suggestion for upgrade and that was a SME 3009s2 tonearm (ebay about $300 ?) and a nice MC (Blue point, Dynavector). Has anyone else tried this combo ? What is the difference in sound ?
Is it worth the upgrade ?

Thanks !
i have owned thorens tables and lots of others since the 1970's, including the 150 w/sme.....160 super w/sme......and a the td 320 you have. i still have a td 147 jubilee with tp16 arm. i believe the tp16 is one of the most underratted arms in audio. given the table's increasingly rare status, and the fact that the new td 350 with stock arm is going to run around 3.5k i would get a nice hi output mc cartridge and let'er play. the td 320 is only slightly less rhythmic than a decked out linn, and actually plays deeper in the bass region. its not a perfect table and (the sme addition doesn't dramatically change the character of the sound), but it performs better across many music genres than many high mass tables well over 5k. it easily competes as well with the roksan xerxes, pink tiangle export and the newer audio note models. i own and audio note and an oracle as well, but the thorens(stock)hasn't lost

Many thanks for your response, I really appreciate it !