Thorens TD320 power supply

Hello out there in Analogland!

I just came upon a very nice Thorens TD320 with a Sumiko Bluepoint. Only problem is, it came without the AC adaptor/power supply. The back of the unit says 16V. Can I use a standard 18V adaptor, or do I need to purchase a special Thorens adaptor? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction?

I know this is a bit obscure. Thanks in advance for the help. I can't wait to play my old LPs.

Sorry for this late reply but I have only now seen this posting of yours. Please see my response to the person who has the same requirement for another Thorens model. I have had this problem and have found a replacement in the form of a 14 to 16 volt 750 milliampere AC power supply which I found in the local flea market for Three Dollars ($3.00) even with the correct plug.