Thorens TD147: raising tonearm


Even though I have been a member of Audiogon for a long time I have never posted a message.

I have a mint Thorens TD147 Jubilee which has been in the box for several years and decided to make it part of another system on another floor at home. I installed a very low hours Ortofon MC30 MKII Super which was mounted on another arm.

I have followed Thorens instruction manual but I cannot raise the tonearm high enough to clear the bottom of the cartridge, the Ortofon runs very low, at about 2 or 3 mms from the surface of a record, sometimes it touches it.

This second system is comprised of a Klyne 6LX3.5X, Electrocompaniet AW-100 Anniversary power amp, Meridian 507 CD player and Aerial 10T speakers.

Am I using the wrong cartridge for the TD147 or am I overlooking something here?

Thank you very much in advance.

You should be able to adjust the height of the arm/headshell support..There should be a allen head screw at the base of the arm support.Just loosen the allen screw and reset ( raise ) the height of the support and retighten the allen screw to hold at the needed height.This will give you plenty of height once you manually bring the arm over the top of the record and will also prevent you from accidently hitting the record bringing the arm over the record surface.......Very simple......
Thank you. I already did it several times following Thorens instructions. There is a limit to raise the arm, you cannot go any higher, this is an integrated turntable, it also interferes with the auto shut-off mechanism.

The only other thing I could think of is check to see how much spacer you have between cartridge and headshell and possibly remove and either go to a thinner one or remove it completly and see how its sounds..You may have to run with the arm tilted down a touch ( headshell down a bit ) with the spacer removed but it might be worth a try.....Goo luck anyway.........
Dear F456gt: Is there any chance to put on a spacer between the tonearm and the TT?

Rgards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul,

No, there is no chance, the auto shut-off will not work.


Perhaps the arm itself need to be raised. With the table off and the arm in the last track of an lp, place a lined notecard behind the arm. Ideally, the arm should be level with the lines on the card. If your arm is too low, that could be causing the issue with the cueing.

If yes, there are also allen head screws near the base of the Thorens arm for raising/lowering. Be forewarned, sometimes it takes some gentle force to raise or lower due years of disuse.