Thorens TD126mkIII power change

Hi I have a Thorens TD126mkIII it's set up 220volt 50hz I need to know if anyone knows how to change it to 110 volt 60hz I have serched the web and so far no luck if anyone has any info it would be most apreciated Thanks Tim !!!
I have had many Thorens turntables and have had experiences with them, but I have never had a TD126MkIII. However, I have just now made a cursory research on this matter thru the internet and have found out that the MKIII, unlike the other TD126 models which had a synchronous motor, has a DC motor.

Since your TD126MKIII is powered by a DC motor, the mechanical arrangement of belts and pulleys will not change with the cycles or hertz of the current. You only need to change the voltage from 220 and secure a power supply for the 110 volt requirement. A 110 to 220 volt step-up transformer should also work. In my past experiences, where a step-down tranformer was easier to obtain, I used this transformer by merely providing the plugs to make the transformer utilized in the opposite direction for a step-down rather than a step-up. Since your amperage requirement is small, the transformer is rather easy to find and not very costly. I have actually done this.

I hope other Audiogoners can add to or correct my assumptions. I, too, want to learn from others.