Thorens TD124 - Need help starting from scratch

Hi all. I haven't had too much time to devote to the this hobby recently, I am only now just starting to the time to get back into things. Like many here, I am a lover of the equipment as well as the music so I have managed to pick up a few items in the past few years even though I haven't had time to use them.

I bought a Thorens TD-160 which is still new in the box as well as a couple of brand new Shure V15xMR cartridges. I was going to begin setting these up but came across a brand new unused Thorens TD-124, Mark II, which I bought.

So now I am starting from scratch in trying to make this a great turntable. I need a plinth, armboard, tonearm and cartridge for the 124. Although I am an older geezer, I don't have much experience setting up turntables (I have a Music Hall mmf7 which was basically plug and play). So I am looking for recommendations as to what is the best way to go about getting the 124 to sound its best. I really don't have a budget that I have to work with, I will just buy what I need as I go along.

I am looking for any and all suggestions for this turntable from the folks here as I know you all have way much more experience than me. Thanks everyone!

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Thanks Kitch, there's a ton of info over there. I was hoping for specific recommendations. Does anyone know who would be the best person in the NJ area to help set this TT up? Thanks!