Thorens TD-520, any value?

Hello all:

Is it worth finding and buying a power supply, and cartridge
for this turntable? I know nothing about it, other than it looks very nice (I don't think it has been played much and it does not apperar to have been abused)?

BTW, it has a SME 3013R, arm.
I do kinda hope you are kidding as far as is it worth it,cause oh yeah its worth it. I don't know what the power supply takes away from it, but its worth many many hundred.
No it is only worth about 20 dollars. However, being the saint of a person I am I will give you a hundred dollars for it!!!!! Hell yes, it worth keeping.
Which power supply do you need? The external one is generic and simply supplies 16VAC to the internal one. The internal one is the complex/expensive one but I have a NOS one somewhere in the shop.
Never heard of the 3013R. Is it not a 3012R? I used the 3012, in the 80's, and it was a great tonearm (good to the last groove). The tonearm alone (3012) would be worth $500-$700+ (ballpark) if in fine condition. Sorry I am not familiar with the later Thorens decks.
The Thorens is a pretty good TT, and the arm is a gem. The powersupply shouldn't cost more then 20 bucks, so choose a nice cartridge (SME tends to go pretty good with Ortofon cartridges) and you've got a great player.
Dekay: You are correct, the arm is a SME 3012R.

Jvia: No, I was not kidding, I have no idea of the value or whether this model is considered a "good" turntable. I picked it up about a year ago, and have not yet found a power source for it (the back panel says Umin 18V AC / Imax 250 mA, 50/60 HZ, which might as well be Greek to me), or researched what might be a good match in a cartridge.

I have looked at the discussion forum threads, but there is almost nothing on this model. BTW th SN is 15901.

Steelhead: I might just take you up on your offer.

If it says: "Umin 18V AC / Imax 250mA, 50/60 HZ," all you need is a wall-wart transformer that can output 18V AC at a minimum of 250mA. You can buy such from Radio Shack or any of a number of mail-order houses like Mouser or PartsExpress. However, considering your professed ignorance, the problem will be getting the right connector set up.

BTW, the Thorens likes more than 250mA, if available.
kr4: unfortunately, the ignorance is not merely professed. By the "right connector", I assume you mean finding the right size to mate with the connection on the back of the turntable?

Best, Dave.
It's a simple job for anyone with some audio/electronics experience. BTW, if you find a technician to do it, I have the schematics for it.
The TD-520 is a very high end Thorens. It sold for $5770 in 1998.
And it sold for $1000-$1500 recently, used.
kr4: thank you for the tip. However, over the weekend I checked the back panel of the TT and it does call for an 18 V wall wart.

OK. Thorens technical data says 17-19 but I've run it on 16VAC. You can probably buy this, try it, and if it doesn't work, use the connector for an off-the-shelf PS.