Thorens TD-350 power transformer

Hello everyone, I hope someone will help me with my problem. I bought Thorens turntable TD-350 without power supply/transformer and having hard time finding one that will work with my turntable. The turntable uses AC synchronous motor and needs 10 watts 2x12VAC/500mA or 24VAC/500mA transformer with 5 pin din connector. TD-550 uses the same transformer, but I couldn’t find that one as well. I will include pictures that I found on internet that might clarify what I am looking for. Thank you in advance.



I would go aftermarket to get listening asap

then get lucky some day to find OEM, perhaps a transformer; a whole TT for parts; one nicer than yours, or with a nicer tonearm; then sell or use yours for parts, i.e. maintain flexibility in your future search.

You (or someone) can put a din connector on an after-market transformer if you know the wiring diagram.

IF the din connection is inside a fitting, make sure you know how LONG the din connector needs to stay small diameter inside the fitting, then they get wider. You could change both ends if that would help.

Voltage must be the same, you can get more capacity/watts, the TT/any device will only draw what it needs i.e. 60 watt lamp on a 15 amp circuit.

google search for 24v/500ma transformer

Thank you so much Elliott. I will use this information:) Also if I am getting transformer that put out 24 vac but more than 500mA that should be ok ? And is transformer supposed to be like for audio or that doesn’t matter transformer is transformer what I am saying is it needs to be properly shielded if I can say that for audio equipment? Thank you again.