Thorens TD-320

I recently bought a Thorens TD-320 turntable.  It worked fine for me, I need an auto shut off turntable as I have a disability and getting up in a timely fashion when the record finishes is difficult. I also wanted to try a belt drive turntable.  All was good until I decided to upgrade the cartridge.  This must be the first TD320 model

(Mark i?).  I bought a Hana SH.  I believe it has a TP90 tonearm.  The manual says it is TP-16 although the arm on the turntable does not look like the arm in the manual.

Here's my problem.  I do not see how you can mount a cartridge on this table.  There are shims that go inside slots.  Nothing seems to have threads. It's the worst designed arms I've ever seen for cartridge mounting.  I am a bit new to cartridge mounting in general so I'm wondering if there is a trick I'm missing.





Did you try Google?


Hi Joe

I just looked at photos of both arms.  The TP90 arm photos all showed conventional looking cartridge mounts on what looked like standard plug-in type headshells.  The TP16 arm turned out to be the arm I recently installed a cartridge in.  I think you have the TP16.  You have to screw upward into the sliding metal shim-looking plate.  It has threaded mounting holes but you have to have screws of just the right length for your cartridge.  My problem was that in my case the little plate had corroded and you couldn't  hardly see the corrosion filled mounting holes.  I was able to make it work, kind of.

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Also, this this type of mounting is for non-threaded cartridges.  I think that your Hana has threaded metal inserts in it's mounting holes and I don't see how you can mount it on the TP16 headshell.  Maybe there's a way...


Thanks for the replys. 

I looked through photos of various arms.  What I have is a two piece arm. The arm part with the headshell on it says Thorens.  It looks like a TP63 or TP70 arm that I,ve seen in photos.  The photos of the Tp16 I've seen show a large headshell.  Apparantly Thorens would take the same tonearm, change the headshell and use a different tonearm number.  I did not see any photos of the headshell on my arm which is connected to a 5" length of arm tube.

I am thinking of buying a headshell/arm combination for TP 63 0R 70 plug it into the other arm section.  Based on photos they have a fairly standard cartridge mount.

Last resort is to modify the tonearm I have.  Drill holes etc. but don't know if that is sacreligious.  It's a bit above my level of expertise.